Back on Madrid

One week has passed since our return. Our hollidays at Rob’s were perfect, Dublin is a pretty city with grand people and we spended the most of the time doing things like to walk around the city to visit the National Museum, Trinity College Library and Malahide’s Castle and village. We also have met friends like: Eoin and Linda, Vincent (Rob’s brother), Paul (I missed seeing Liz who was in London), Anto, Mahony and Dave (with his snakes, a chilean spider, one lagart and his music).
We made many photos, so if you want to take a look…
It was brilliant as well to find the great child inside us…laught and shout out loud and to discover that for fun and friendship, the time hasn’t passed by.

At Malahide’s Castle playground


I’m in Ireland…in Dublin, 45 Foxhill avenue where our friend Rob lives.
Since past friday, we’re passing nice days here with David. Everyone here is very friendly and they’re doing their best to make us feel at home.
I’ve to work my pronunciation, my english grammar, my vocabulary and my knowledge about irish history. But anyway, I’m learning a lot and I love this feeling, you know…it gives sense to our trip.

At the main street of the center of Dublin, you can still see the bullets from the popular revolution that started the easter sunday the year 1916. It happened at O’Connell street, and the bullets are in the columns on the entrance of the building where the General Postal Office is. More about the civil war, at the wikipedia (like usual).
After the revolution, from November 1920 till July 1921, irish and british armys fought till irish soldiers obtain the liberty from England for their land. After the british-irish war, there was an ageement where Ireland will be declared free but they’d had to recognize the british crown as the leader of their own government and some of the irish people did not want to, and there was why it begans the conflict of the civil war that lasted until may 1923.

I think one image is better than tons of words…so, here are the best irish dancers, his name is Michael Flatley and she’s Jean Butler. Enjoy it:

More about Michael Flately at youtube

Is real weird…some times it is sunny even in winter, but suddenly it changes and becames rainy and really windy. Today I was walking with the wind on my back and didn’t make an effort to walk down the street, while the wind was pushing me. I don’t have pictures neither videos about that, but I’m gonna try to do some photos tomorrow. Anyway, I did some pictures yesterday’s afternoon and I’ve posted them in my flickr account, so if you want to meet Rob, or to see me & my coffee you can.

Paseos de otoño

Llegó la Loli de Chile, vino Pepe desde Burriana (Castellón-Valencia) y además, nos hizo muy buen tiempo. Todo se dió para que diésemos un par de vueltas por ahí: el parque del buen retiro el jueves 12 que fué festivo, Talamanca y Patones de arriba el sábado 14. Hay fotos en Flickr.