Laptop backpack

I have been wondering some ideas around laptop backpacks and how should it be my favorite one and suddenly I was enjoying some “sketches thinking” moments.


Laptop backpack


Improve known-by-me laptop backpacks following four simple steps:

  1. Requirements (missed features)
  2. Prioritization of features (added value v/s effort required) in a discrete scale from 1 to 3
  3. Sketching some ideas as partial solutions
  4. Sketch a final proposal


ID Requirements Added Value Effort required to solve it Coefficient
1. Velcro is not my best friend, particularly in winter. The Velcro that holds the laptop sometimes is hooked on other things while I take the computer from the backpack (i.e. knitted things like scarves). 3 1 2
2. I just don’t want to have one backpack for each laptop, a flexible pocket to have a couple of inches of difference covered would be nice. 3 1 2
3. The backpack should be loose in the floor without risk of damaging the computer that is inside. 3 2 1
4. A pocket or a specific area for the battery charger and the mouse is always welcome. 2 1 1
5. The bag should have just the right size, not too big neither too small and it should be fold, so it won’t occupy the entire closet space. 3 2 1

IDs 1 and 2 of the table are highlighted because they mean a relevant level of improvement with a low proportion of cost/effort (coefficient 2)

Partial solutions

avoiding velcro

avoiding velcro

adjustable pocket

adjustable pocket

protective base and additional pockets

protective base and additional pockets

reducing the size of the backpack

reducing the size of the backpack

Final solution

Coming-soon proposal…

20 pensamientos en “Laptop backpack

  1. One difficult and perhaps not very useful feature (but nice if can be achieved without complicating the normal use) could be some kind of detachable shoulder bag capability for external pockets.

    My scenario is: during spring or summer, I go to work without a coat, and with my backpack. However, when I’m at my workplace, I leave my backpack at my workplace, but, whenever I go for a coffee or to have lunch, I need something to wear mobile, wallet, etc.

    If I wear an additional shoulder handbag, it’s a little strange (and uncomfortable) while going to work. If I put those things in the backpack, it’s unconvenient for the rest of the day.

    I know it’s not a common scenario, but, if done, can be a big plus.

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